The Ku-ring-gai community now

4 months ago
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We are multi-generational and growing

a high proportion of school aged children and middle aged adults

a lower proportion of young adults aged 20 – 39 years old

a high proportion of residents aged 65 plus which is forecast to significantly increase, particularly those aged over 85.

in the last ten years our population increased to 123,000, up from 105,000 in 2006

We are family friendly

nearly half of all households are couples with children

We are increasingly diverse

nearly 40% of Ku-ring-gai residents were born overseas

We mainly live in houses, but more are living in units

nearly 75% of Ku-ring-gai people live in a house

since 2006 an additional 5,758 units have been built

*Source: ABS Census 2016

These are just some of the issues affecting Ku-ring-gai. You may have others you wish to discuss with us.

Find out more about Ku-ring-gai demographics here.

Consultation for this part of the project has now concluded. Watch this space for further opportunities in the coming months.